My Hong Kong Trip
This is a picture of my friends and I getting ready to eat. Thanksgiving dinner 1997 - Pat Narup, Gracie Hood, Joan and husband--Andy 'something'--and I. We took in a dinner show on the bay. Pat, Gracie, and I shared a room in what used to be a Boy Scout Hostel; we had a room with two sets of bunk beds. Pat and I told Gracie she had to take the top bunk because she was younger. The room was so small, we had to put our luggage on the empty top bunk and coordinate our movements to get by one another. But it was a fun trip and they were (are) great roommates. Pat's in St. Louis now and Gracie's in Germany. Pat's semi-retired and Gracie's a DOD's biology teacher for military kids overseas. Joan and Andy are Army officers and have since moved on to another base in the states.

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